ZS-FS002 Semi-Automatic Tomato Sauce Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

This machine is a monoblock one which has functions of filling paste or viscous liquid, sealing soft tubes and date coding. It is good for saving working space. Filling range, fixing mold size can be customized to suit for your products.

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Semi-Automatic Sauce Tube Filling And Sealing MachineWorking Principle


  • With the function of filling paste, sealing tubes and printing date automatically, it can greatly save working space.
  • The touch screen panel makes it easier to set parameters, whose language can be customized.
  • This sauce tube filling and sealing machine can be customized according to your products.
  • With the way of ultrasonic sealing, it can seal tubes firmly, ensuring production quality.


Diagram of sauce tube filling and sealing machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot

Model ZS-FS002
Input Power AC220V/50Hz
Power 2000W
Ultrasonic Frequency 20KHz
Applicable Soft Tube Length 50-200mm
Applicable Soft Tube Diameter 10-50mm
Filling Range 6-60/10-120/25-250ml
Sealing Way Ultrasonic Sealing
Net Weight About 150kg
Machine Size About 860*680*1550mm
  • Applicable Tubes: Soft Tubes: Plastic tubes/Aluminum-plastic tubes.
  • Applicable Products: Chili sauce, mayonnaise, wasabi, cheesy sauce, tomato sauce, strawberry sauce, honey mustard, jam, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, daily chemical, cosmetic, medicine, chemical industries.

Application of semi automatic tube filling and sealing machine


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