ZS-AFC23 Semi-Automatic Tubing Mascara Lip Gloss Filling And Capping Machine

Designed for tubing mascara, this machine integrates functions of feeding and pressing inner plugs, filling mascara and tightening caps automatically. Packing speed can reach 1800pcs/h. The machine can also be customized for packing lip gloss.

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Semi-Automatic Tubing Mascara Filling Capping Machine


  • Driven by piston pump, this machine can fill cosmetics accurately. Filling range of the pump can be customized.
  • With pressurized hopper, it is suitable for filling mascara. It can be customized into the one with heating and mixing function, which suits for filling lip gloss.
  • Designed with PLC panel, it is easier to set and adjust working parameters. Language of panel can be customized.
  • This tubing mascara filling and capping machine can be customized to suit for your need.
  • We also offer fully automatic filling capping machine for tubing mascara. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.


DiagramDetail of tubing mascara filling capping machineDetail of tubing mascara filling machineReal Shot

Machine Model ZS-AFC23
Voltage 220V/110V/380V 50-60Hz
Power 100W
Filling Pump Piston Pump
Working Speed About 1800pcs/h(depending on tube size)
Filling Range 1-20ml(Can be customized)
Filling Accuracy ±0.1ml
Hopper Capacity 20L
Hopper Characteristic Pressurized Hopper(For mascara)

(Can be customized with heating and mixing function, which is for lip gloss)

Machine Size About 1060*850*1850mm
Machine Weight About 150kg
  • Applicable Products: Tubing mascara. (Can be customized for lip gloss)
  • Applicable Industries: Cosmetic industries.



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