ZS-FM100P Semi-Automatic Milk Powder Jar Auger Filling Machine

This machine is suitable for filling powder products, such as milk powder, flour, berry powder, etc. With an auger to measure powder, it can fill powder precisely, suitable for small volume filling. The machine can be used in food, medicine, chemical industries.

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  • With touch screen panel, it’s easy to set parameters. Panel’s language can be customized.
  • Press the pedal switch to control machine to fill. Easy to operate.
  • With the method of auger filling, it can fill powder precisely, suitable for small dose filling.




Machine Model ZS-FM100P
Machine Voltage 110/220V 50-60HZ
Machine Power 750W
Filling Method Auger Filling
Recommended Filling Volume 0.1-1g, 1-5g, 5-10g, 10-30g, 30-50g, 50-100g
Filling Accuracy ±2%
Filling Speed 20-30 bottles/min(depending on bottle size)
Hopper Size 5L
Machine Size About 805*660*1540mm
Machine Weight About 82kg
  • Applicable Products: Flour, seasoning powder, pepper powder, herbal powder.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, chemical, medicine industries.




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