ZS-CB190 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Accumulation Table

This machine is designed for arranging bottles in order at the beginning of production process. Its size can be customized according to customers’ need.

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Automatic Bottle Unscrambling Conveyor


  • The chain conveyor belt has large loading capacity, which can transport products steadily.
  • It can work in production line, making production process smoother.


Diagram of unscrambling conveyor

Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-CB190
Machine Power 1.5KW
Conveyor Size 1760*1425mm+960*190.5mm
Conveyor Width 190.5mm(Single)
Working Speed 0-20m/min
Package Size About 2050*1720*720mm
Package Weight About 276kg
  • Applicable Bottles: Plastic/Glass Bottles. Round/Square Bottles.
  • Applicable Industries: Chemical, medicine, beverage, cosmetic, daily chemical industries.


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