ZS-CBU150 Automatic U-Shaped Chain Conveyor Belt

This machine has the function of conveying products automatically. It can be connected with filling and capping machine, making production process smoother. The size of conveyor belt can be customized according to your need.

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U-Shaped Conveyor


  • Designed into U shape, it can help to save working space.
  • The chain conveyor belt has large bearing capacity, which can convey bottles steadily.


U-Shaped Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-CBU150
Voltage 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Conveyor Width Customized
Conveyor Length Customized
Machine Body Stainless Steel
Conveyor Shape U-shaped
  • Applicable Bottles: Glass/Plastic Bottles. Round/Square Bottles.
  • Applicable Industries: Chemical, cosmetic, beverage, pharmaceutical industries.


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