ZS-SX405 Automatic Bottleneck Film Heat Shrink Machine

This machine has the function of shrinking film of bottleneck automatically. Made in simple design, it’s easy to operate the machine. The machine can work with filling and capping machine line, achieving automated production.

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Automatic Wine Capsule Shrink Machine


  • The working height can be adjusted to suit for different bottles.
  • With high-quality conveyor belt, it can convey products steadily.


Diagram of shrink machine

Machine Detail-1Machine Detail-2

Machine Detail-3Machine Detail-4

Machine Model ZS-SX405
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 6KW
Sealing Speed 15m/min
Applicable Bottle Height ≤350mm
Applicable Bottle Diameter ≤100mm
Machine Size About 1500*500*1270mm
Machine Weight About 80kg
Suitable Film Material PP/PET/PVC/POF
  • Applicable Films: PP/PET/PVC/POFFilms.
  • Applicable Industries: Beverage, food, chemical, daily chemical industries.




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