ZS-SX403 Automatic Heat Shrink Tunnel for Bottles

This heat shrink tunnel is designed for shrinking plastic films of bottle body, such as beverage bottles, oil bottles, dropper bottles, pill bottles. It adopts the way of infrared heating, which can shrink films evenly. The machine can work with shrink sleeve applicator machine to promote production.

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Heat Shrink Tunnel for Bottles

  • With digital panel, it is easy to set or adjust parameters like heating temperature.
  • The heat shrink tunnel machine is designed with air circulation system, helping to create good shrinking effect.


Diagram of Heat Shrink Tunnel

Shrink tunnelControl Panel

Temperature PanelMotor

Model ZS-SX403
Voltage 220V/380V
Power of Heating Tube 8KW
Conveying Speed 0-10m/min
Applicable Film Material PP/PET/PVC/POF
Size of Shrinking Furnace 1200*310*120mm
Applicable Product Size φ120mm H:310mm
Conveyor Loading Capacity Within 5kg
Conveyor Size 1505*100mm
Temperature of Shrinking Furnace 0-250°C
  • Applicable Film: PP/PET/PVC/POFFilm.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, beverage, medicine, chemical, cosmetic industries.


Application of heat shrink tunnel machine


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