ZS-XYZ4 Automatic Ceramic Pump Serum Essence Liquid Filling Machine

This machine is equipped with high-precision ceramic pumps, which can be used for filling essential oil, serum, essence, chemical reagents, etc. The filling range and quantity of filling heads can be customized according to production need.

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  • With ceramic plunger pump, it’s with high filling precision, suitable for small-volume filling.
  • The filling nozzles and bottle holder can move during production, improving working efficiency.
  • With bottle holder, it can help to make bottles in order, good for saving labor cost.
  • This machine can be customized according to customers’ need.


Diagram of Filling MachineWorking Principle of Ceramic PumpMachine Detail-1Machine Detail-2Machine Detail-3Machine Detail-4

Machine Model ZS-XYZ4
Machine Power 110/220V 50-60HZ
Machine Pump Ceramic Plunger Pump
Filling Nozzle Quantity 4(can be customized)
Filling Range 0.2-1.5ml/0.3-2.8ml/0.6-6ml/1-12ml/2-25ml
Working Speed About 0-200 bottles/min

(depending on liquid and bottle size)

Filling Accuracy About 0.25%
Machine Size About 545*650*790mm
Machine Weight About 69kg
  • Applicable Products: Chemical reagents, biological reagent, essential oil, essence, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries.



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