ZS-S100 Automatic Sauce Ketchup Honey Sachet Packing Machine

This machine has the function of filling paste/liquid, forming and sealing bags automatically. Made of stainless steel, it is durable and can run steadily. The sauce packing machine can be customized as needed(including panel’s language, sealing type).

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Automatic Sauce Packing Machine


  • With the way of piston filling, it can fill paste/liquid precisely.
  • With high-quality sensor to detect films, it can pull firms automatially and precisely.
  • With touch screen panel, it is easy to set or adjust working parameters.
  • This sauce packing machine can be equipped with date coder, good for printing date or batch on bags.


Diagram of sauce sachet packing machineMachine Detail-1 Machine Detail-2Machine Detail-3 Machine Detail-4

Model ZS-S100 ZS-S200 ZS-S300
Voltage 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Power 1.6kW
Finished Bag Length 40-150mm 40-260mm 50-300mm
Finished Bag Width 25-120mm 25-120mm 70-190mm
Packing Film Width 60-240mm 60-260mm 160-380mm
Packing Capacity 5-100ml 20-300ml 100-1000ml
Packing Speed 30-60bags/min 40-60bags/min 20-40bags/min
Sealing Type Back-Side/3-Side/4-Side Sealing
Air power 0.65Mpa
Air Consumption 150L/min 180L/min 200L/min
Machine Size 760*1380*1700mm 900*1800*2040mm 1000*1800*2100mm
Machine Weight About 300kg About 480kg About 500kg
  • Applicable Products: Ketchup, salad dressing, vegetable oil, sesame sauce, chutney.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, beverage, daily chemical, chemical industries.


Application of sachet packing machine


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