ZS-AFS07 Rotary Automatic Dipping Sauce Cup Filling And Sealing Machine

This plastic cup filling and sealing machine is designed for packing paste like dressing, ketchup, avocado mash, etc. It integrates functions of loading plastic cups and pre-cut film lids, filling sauce, sealing cups and discharging finished products automatically, which is space-saving. This dipping sauce cup filling and sealing machine can be customized according to your products.

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Dipping Sauce Cups Filling And Sealing Machine


  • The hopper has heating and stirring function, enabling it to fill sauce smoothly.
  • This machine is equipped with feeding pump, which can supply materials into hopper automatically, saving labor.
  • Driven by piston pump, the machine can fill sauce accurately. Filling range can be customized.
  • This dipping sauce cup filling and sealing machine is designed with dust cover, preventing pollution during production.


Diagram of automatic cup filling and sealing machine


Machine Detail

Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-AFS07
Voltage 220V 3-Phase
Power About 1.5kW
Production Capacity About 25cups/min (depending on cup size and filling materials)
Filling Range 10-100ml (Can be customized)
Filling Pump Piston Pump
Suitable Cup Size Can be customized
Hopper Capacity 50L
Hopper Function Heating&Stirring Function
Machine Size About 1400*1100*1750mm
  • Applicable Cups: Plastic Cups.
  • Applicable Products: Dressing, chocolate sauce, cheese sauce, ketchup, avocado mash, mayonnaise, etc.
  • Applicable Industries:  Food and beverage industries.


Application of dipping cup filling and sealing machine


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