ZS-DTGT900M Automatic Rotor Pump Vaseline Filling Machine With Mixer&Heater

This machine is suitable for filling paste like vaseline, peanut butter, chocolate, etc. The hopper is with heating and mixing function, which can ensure smooth filling. This machine can work with capping and labeling machine, completing automatic production.

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Automatic vaseline filling machine


  • With mixing function, it can make sure that the paste can be filled equably.
  • With rotor pump, it can fill viscous liquid accurately and quickly.
  • The mixing speed and heating temperature can be adjusted as needed.


Diagram of paste filling machine with mixer and heater

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot

Machine ModelZS-DTGT900M
Machine Power1500W
Machine PumpRotor Pump
Recommend Filling Volume5-5000ml
Filling Accuracy≤±1%
Bottle Opening Sizeφ>20mm
Mixing Speed0-100r/min
Heating Temperature≤399℃
Hopper Size30L
Working Speed10-60bottles/min(based on 250ml jam)
Machine SizeAbout 1090*700*680mm
Machine WeightAbout 54kg
  • Applicable Products: Vaseline, gel, chocolate, ointment, body lotion, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Personal care, daily chemical, pharmaceutical industries.



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