ZS-AFC883 Rotary Automatic Mineral Water Bottle Filling Capping Machine

This machine has functions of feeding bottles, rinsing bottles, filling liquid, feeding caps and capping bottles automatically. Packaging speed can reach 60BPM. The bottled water packaging machine can work with sleeve labeling machine, completing automated production.

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Automatic Mineral Water Bottle Filling Capping Machine


  • It can pack 3000 bottles per hour, improving working efficiency.
  • This bottled water packaging machine can be customized as needed(including filling nozzle quantity, filling range, rotary plate size).
  • With high-quality capping component, it can be used for bottle caps with security ring.
  • With dust cover, it can prevent air pollution during working process, ensuring production quality.
  • Equipped with PLC panel, it is easy to set or adjust parameters. The language of panel can be customized.


Diagram of mineral water packing machine  Detail_1Detail_2Real Shot

Machine Model ZS-AFC883
Machine Power 1.5KW
Pressure of Supplying Water >0.06MPa  ≤0.2Mpa
Working Capacity 2500-3000 bottles/hour(based on 500ml)
Applicable Bottle Plastic PET Bottles
Applicable Bottle Size 50mm≤φ≤115mm 160mm≤H≤320mm
Machine Size About 2000*1400*2200(L*W*H)
Machine Weight About 2000kg
  • Applicable Bottle: Plastic PET Bottles.
  • Applicable Liquid: Low-viscosity Liquid.
  • Applicable Products: Mineral water, juice(without pulp).
  • Applicable Industries: Beverage Industries.



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