ZS-DTPP6B Automatic 6 Head Eye Drops Small Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

This machine has the function of filling low-viscosity liquid into small vials. With peristaltic pumps, it can fill liquid accurately, suitable for small-volume filling. Filling speed of 6 heads can be adjusted separately, easy to operate. The machine is in small size, saving working space.

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Automatic 6 Nozzles Small Vial Liquid Filling Machine


  • With peristaltic pumps, the liquid only flows in tube, ensuring its cleanliness.
  • With bottle holder, it can help to arrange bottles in order, saving labor.
  • With digital panel, it’s easy to set parameters and control the machine to work.
  • This small vial filling machine can be customized according to customers’need.


Diagram of 6 nozzles small vial filling machineMachine Detail-1Machine Detail-2Machine Detail-3Machine Detail-4Different types of peristaltic pumps


Machine Model ZS-DTPP6B
Power Supply AC110V/220V 50Hz-60Hz 60W*6
Machine Pump Peristaltic Pump
Filling Range ≤50ml
Maximum Flow 650ml/min for each nozzle (based on water)
Filling Nozzles 6(Can be customized)
Working Speed 40-50bottles/min(based on 50ml water)
Filling Accuracy ≤±1% (For water)
Diameter of Filling Nozzle 4mm
Delay Range 0.01-999.9s
Conveyor Size 1080*350mm(L*W)
Machine Size About 320*440*300mm(Without conveyor belt)
Net Weight About 31kg
  • Applicable Liquid: Low-viscosity Liquid.
  • Applicable Products: Eye wash, perfume, essential oil, reagents, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical industries.


Application of small vial filling machine


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