TB-60D Semi-Automatic Flat Labeling Machine With Date Coder

This machine has the function of sticking labels on flat surface. It is equipped with date coder, which helps to print production date or batch on labels automatically. Made in simple design, it’s easy to operate the machine.

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Semi Automatic Flat Labeling Machine


  • With sensor to detect labels, it can output labels accurately. The sensitivity of it is adjustable.
  • With positioning rod, it’s good for fixing products, ensuring good labeling effect.
  • The working height can be adjusted according to products’size.
  • This semi automatic flat labeling machine can be controlled by pedal switch, which is easy to operate.


Diagram of flat labeling machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot

Machine Model TB-60D
Voltage 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Power 80W
Working Speed About 25-50pcs/min
Labeling Accuracy ±0.5mm
Min. Label Size W3*L4cm
Max. Label Size W6*L12cm
Label Roll Inner Diameter 75mm
Max Label Roll Outer Diameter 300mm
Machine Size About 735*310*560mm
Net Weight About 33.5kg
  • Applicable Labels: Self-Adhesive Labels: Normal/Transparent labels.
  • Applicable Products: Flat Products: Square bottles, flat boxes, bottle caps.
  • Applicable Industries: Cosmetic, daily chemical, chemical, food, beverage industries.


Application of semi automatic flat labeling machine


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