ZS-FALU1 Automatic Olive Oil Ropp Bottle Rinsing Drying Filling Capping Labeling Line

This production line has the function of rinsing and drying bottles, filling low-viscosity liquid, capping bottles and labeling round/square bottles automatically. The automatic olive oil filling line can be customized according to your products.

Machine Including:
·Automatic Bottle Rinsing Machine
·Automatic Bottle Drying Machine
·Automatic 4 Diving Heads Olive Oil Filling Machine
·Automatic ROPP Bottle Capping Machine
·Automatic Olive Oil Bottle Labeling Machine

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Automatic Olive Oil Filling Line

Diagram of Olive Oil Filling Line

Diagram of rinsing machine


>Filling Machine

  • The peristaltic pumps have the feature that the liquid only flows in tube, ensuring its cleanliness.
  • The nozzles will move down and up during filling, decreasing the forming of foam.
  • It is convenient to change tubes when you want to fill different liquid.


Diagram of olive oil filling machine


>Capping Machine

  • Specially designed for ROPP caps, the number and size of capping chuck can be customized.
  • With rotary plate, it can help to make bottles in order, making conveying process more smooth.


Diagram of ropp capping machine


>Labeling Machine

  • Wide Application: It suits for sticking labels on square bottles or round bottles.
  • The position of label roll can be adjusted, enabling it to stick labels well.
  • With electric eye to detect bottles, it can run automatically. Smart and efficient.
  • This olive oil filling line can be customized to suit for your production.


Diagram of labeling machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot

>Rinsing Machine

Machine Model ZS-WB12A
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 1.5KW
Washing Head Quantity 12+12(washing+drying)
Conveyor Size About 5080mm*90mm
Working Speed About 500-2000 bottles/h
Machine Size About 5080*1460*1930mm


>Drying Machine

Machine Model ZS-HG6000
Power 3 phase 380V
Power Consumption 10KW
Tunnel Outside Size About 340*385*2000mm
Tunnel Inside Width About 100mm
Applicable Bottle Height About 150-300mm(Can be customized)
Temperature Range 100-160 degree
Machine Size About 2000*610*1640mm


>Filling Machine

Power Supply 220V-50HZ/110V-60HZ
The Pump Power 60W(For Each Nozzle)
Applicable Container Size φ20-160mm H30-300mm
Max Flow Rate 4000mL/min for each nozzle(based on water)
Filling Accuracy ≤±1%(for water)
Filling Speed 30-50 pcs/min(depending on bottles and filling liquid)
Net Weight About 128kg


>Capping Machine

Model ZS-XG440C
Power 1kW
Capping Speed 2000pc/h
Applicable Bottle Diameter φ30mm-90mm
Bottle Mouth Diameter φ22mm-38mm
Applicable Bottle Height 100mm-330mm
Machine Size About 1145*995*1750mm


>Labeling Machine

Machine Model ZS-TB300A ZS-TB300B
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1500W
Labeling Capacity 60-350PCS /min(depending on bottle size)
Labeling Material Thickness 20-120mm
Labeling Material Height 30-350mm
Label Size (L)25-300mm*(H)15- 200mm
Round Bottle Single Side Single&Double Sides
Flat Bottle Double Sides
Label Roll Inside Diameter φ76mm
Label Roll Outside Diameter φ350mm
Machine Size About 2120*940*1500mm
Net Weight About 450kg


·Applicable Bottles: Round/Square Bottle.
·Applicable Bottle Caps: ROPP Caps.
·Applicable Labels: Self-Adhesive labels: Normal labels/Transparent labels.
·Applicable Products: Olive oil, wine, oral liquid, apple cider vinegar.
·Applicable Industries: Beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries.




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