ZS-FAL180D9 Automatic Sriracha Almond Butter Bottle Filling Capping Labeling Machine

This tabletop filling line is applicable for packing paste like almond butter, sriracha sauce, ketchup, honey. It features functions of filling paste, capping bottles, attaching stickers onto bottles and bottle covers.

-Machine Including:
·Automatic 4 Heads Sauce Filling Machine
·Automatic Bottle Capping Machine
·Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine
·Automatic Flat Bottle Cover Labeling Machine

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Almond Butter Filling Capping Labeling Machine

Working Process



>Filling Machine

  • The machine is designed with heat preservation function, keeping products in fluid state.
  • Filling range and filling nozzle quantity can be customized as your need.


Diagram of Sauce Filling Machine


>Capping Machine

  • The capping torque can be adjusted to suit for different bottle caps.
  • This machine can be equipped with cap feeding machine, which can load bottle caps automatically. Please contact us if you need it.


Diagram of Capping Machine


>Labeling Machine (For Sauce Bottles)

  • The machine is suitable for single-sided, double-sided or wrap around labeling on round bottles.
  • This sriracha sauce bottle filling capping labeling machine can be customized according to your production need.


Diagram of Sauce Bottle Labeling Machine


>Labeling Machine (For Bottle Covers)

  • Working height of labeling structure can be adjusted to suit for different bottles.
  • The machines are equipped with touchscreen panel, making it easy to operate and debug the machine.


Diagram of Flat Labeling Machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot

>Filling Machine

Machine Model ZS-DTGT4T
Machine Voltage 110/220V 50-60HZ About 300W
Working Speed 20-30bottles/min(based on liquid&filling volume)
Filling Range 10-100ml/30-300ml/50-500ml/100-1000ml/500-2500ml/1000-5000ml
Hopper Size 90L
Conveyor Size About 1300*100mm
Filling Nozzle Size OD 10mm(can choose other size)
Filling Accuracy ≤±1%
Machine Size About 1300*1440*1200 mm
Package Size About 1550*1400*1330mm
Package Weight About 237kg


>Capping Machine

Machine Model ZS-XG1870
Working Voltage AC220V/110V 50-60HZ
Working Speed 20-40 bottles/min(depending on bottle and caps)
Bottle Height 60-270mm
Conveyor Length 1117mm
Bottle Cap Diameter 18-70mm
Working Pressure 0.4-0.6 MPa
Size of Air Compressor Connector OD 8mm
Machine Size About 1120*580*1110mm
Package Size About 1160*610*1140mm
Package Weight About 97.5kg


>Wrap Around Labeling Machine

Machine Model ZS-TB500
Voltage 110V-60HZ / 220V-50HZ
Working Speed About 20-50bottles/min
Applicable Label Size 15-140mm(W)*25-300mm(L)
Label Roll Inside Diameter φ76mm
Label Roll Outside Diameter φ350mm
Applicable Bottle Diameter ≤100mm
Package Size About 1290*860*900mm
Package Weight About 130kg


>Flat Labeling Machine

Machine Model ZS-TB150P
Voltage 220/110V 50-60HZ
Power 1.5kW
Working Speed 20-200pcs/min
Labeling Accuracy +1.0mm
Applicable Label Size (L)25-300mm (H)15-150mm
Labeling Bottle Size (Diameter)φ30-φ120mm (H)20-200mm
Label Roll Inside Diameter φ75mm
Label Roll Outside Diameter φ275mm
Package Size 1280*730*980mm
Package Weight 109kg
  • Applicable Bottles: Round Bottles.
  • Applicable Bottle Caps: Screw-type bottle caps.
  • Applicable Products: Sriracha sauce, almond butter, sambal sauce, ketchup, fruit jam, etc.
  • Applicable Industries: Food, beverage, daily chemical, medicine industries.




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