ZS-FAL180P Automatic Magnetic Pump Liquid Juice Milk Filling Capping Machine Line

This machine line can arrange bottles, filling low-viscosity liquid and capping bottles. It can also be connected with labeling machine and bottle sorting machine, achieving automatic production. All the machines can be customized according to production need.

Machine Including:
·Automatic Bottle Feeding Turntable
·Automatic Magnetic Pump 4 Heads Liquid Filling Machine
·Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

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>Filling Machine

  • The magnetic pumps have the feature of high filling precision and high temperature resistance.
  • The nozzles will move down and up during filling, decreasing forming of foam.
  • The filling speed of 4 nozzles can be adjusted separately, ensuring filling accuracy.


>Capping Machine

  • Wide Application: Suitable for diverse kinds of bottle caps, like dropper caps.
  • With electric eye to detect bottles, it can work automatically, saving labor cost.
  • With PLC panel, operator can set parameters easily. The panel’s language can be customized.


>Bottle Feeding Turntable

Voltage 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Power 0.2kW
Turntable Diameter 800mm/1000mm
Applicable Bottle Diameter 20-100mm
Applicable Bottle Height 30-320mm
Working Speed 40-60bottles/min
Net Weight 109.5kg/135kg


>Filling Machine

Voltage 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Power 2kW
Machine Pump 316 Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump
Max Flow Rate 6L/min 7.5L/min 12L/min
Filling Speed

(depend on bottle size and liquid)

20-50pcs/min 25-60pcs/min 40-65pcs/min
Filling Accuracy ≤100ml deviation≤±1ml

>100ml deviation≤±1%

Applicable Bottle Size Φ20-160mm  H30-300mm
Size of Air Compressor Connector OD 8mm


>Capping Machine

Machine Model ZS-XG16
Voltage 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Capping Speed 20-60bottles/min(depend on bottle caps’ size and shape)
Applicable Bottle Height 30-300mm
Applicable Bottle Cap Diameter 18-70mm
Applicable Bottle Diameter 20-160mm
Size of Air Compressor Connector OD 8mm
Working Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Machine Size About 1930*740*1600mm

·Applicable Bottles: Round/Square Bottles. Glass/Plastic Bottles.

·Applicable Bottle Caps: Twist-type caps.

·Applicable Labels: Self-adhesive labels: Normal labels/Transparent labels.

·Applicable Products: Soybean milk, toner, essential oil, juice, vinegar.

·Applicable Industries: Beverage, cosmetic, daily chemical, chemical industries.




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