ZS-FAL180A9 Automatic Pineapple Bottle Liquid Filling Capping Machine Line With Cap Feeder

This machine line has the function of filling paste/liquid, feeding bottle caps and capping bottles automatically. Both of the machines can be customized according to your products. It can also be connected with labeling machine and bottle turntable, achieving automated production.

Machine Including:
·Automatic Servo 4 Heads Paste Filling Machine
·Automatic Bottle Capping Machine With Cap Feeder

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Automatic Pineapple Bottle Drinks Filling Capping Machine

Size of Pineapple Bottle Filling Capping Machine


>Filling Machine

  • Driven by servo motor, this machine can run steadily and fill paste precisely.
  • Just set filling range directly to achieve quantitative filling. Easy to operate.
  • The number of filling nozzles can be customized as needed.


Diagram of Pineapple Bottle Filling Machine


>Capping Machine

  • Specially designed for irregular bottles, it’s suitable for various kinds of bottle caps.
  • The capping chuck can be customized according to bottle caps’size and shape.
  • With electric eye to detect bottles, it can run automatically. Smart and efficient.


Diagram of Pineapple Bottle Capping Machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Real Shot

>Filling Machine

Model ZS-SV4GB
Voltage 110/220V 50-60HZ
Power of Whole Machine 800W
Filling Range 5-100ml/10-300ml/50-500ml/100-1000ml/500-3000ml/1000-5000ml
Working Speed(based on water) 20-80 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy ≤2%
Conveyor Size


Size of Filling Nozzle OD15mm
Size of Air Compressor Connector Φ8mm
Machine Size About 2000*1100*1750mm
Net Weight About 270kg

>Capping Machine

Model ZS-XG440F
Power About 800W
Applicable Bottle Height About 250mm
Applicable Cap Diameter 20-60mm
Applicable Bottle Diameter 30-100mm
Working Speed 20-35 bottles/minute
Machine Size About 710*610*1750mm
Net Weight

About 136kg

  • Applicable Bottles: Round/Square bottles.
  • Applicable Bottle Caps: Twist-type caps.
  • Applicable Products: Liquor, facial cream, hand sanitizer, body lotion, tomato paste.
  • Applicable Industries: Beverage, daily chemical, medicine, chemical industries.




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