ZS-FAL180P8 Automatic Servo Viscous Liquid Bottle Filling Capping Labeling Machine

This production line has the function of filling paste, tightening bottle caps and labeling round bottles. All of these machines can be customized according to customers’ need(including panel language, nozzle quantity, conveyor size).

-Machine Including:
·Servo Automatic 4 Heads Paste Filling Machine
·Automatic High Speed Bottle Capping Machine
·Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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Servo Automatic Paste Filling Capping Labeling Machine

Size of Production Line


>Filling Machine

  • Just set filling weight directly to realize accurate filling. Easy to operate.
  • Driven by servo motor, this machine can run stably and fill paste accurately.
  • It is equipped with anti-dripping device, which can ensure production cleanliness.


Diagram of servo filling machine


>Capping Machine

  • This machine can cap 50-80 bottles/min, greatly improving working efficiency.
  • The speed of 4 capping wheels can be adjusted separately. Easy and convenient.
  • The chain conveyor belt can convey bottles stably, which has large loading capacity.


Diagram of capping machine


>Labeling Machine

  • It suits for sticking labels on single/double-side/full-circle of round bottles.
  • With PLC panel, operator can set parameters easily. The panel’s language can be customized.
  • With electric eye to detect bottles, it can stick labels accurately.


Diagram of labeling machine

Machine Detail-1

Machine Detail-2

Machine Detail-3

Real Shot

>Filling Machine

Machine Model ZS-SV4G
Voltage 110-60HZ 220V-50HZ
Power 1500W
Air Consumption 0.4-0.6MPa
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Working Speed 20-50 bottles/min(based on bottle size and filling material)
Size Of Filing Nozzle OD 10mm
Size of Air Compressor Connector OD 10mm
Filling Range 10-100ML/30-300ML/50-500ML/100-1000ML/500-3000ML/1000-5000ML
Machine Size About 2500*1370*2070mm
Net Weight About 549.5kg


>Capping Machine

Machine Model ZS-XG440B
Voltage 220V 60HZ
Max Power 300W
Capping Speed About 50-80 bottles/min
Applicable Bottle Height 45-320mm
Applicable Bottle Diameter 23-100mm
Applicable Cap Diameter 19-55mm
Capping Torsion 4-9kgf/cm
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa


>Labeling Machine

Model ZS-TB260
Voltage AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1500W
Labeling Speed 25-50 bottles/min(depending on bottle size)
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0mm
Applicable Bottle Diameter φ30-100mm
Applicable Label Size (L)15-200mm*(H)15-150mm
Label Roll Inside Diameter φ76mm
Label Roll Outside Diameter Max 350mm
Conveyor Size 1950*100mm(L*W)
Machine Size About 2000*1400*1300mm(L*W*H)


·Applicable Bottles: Round Bottles.
·Applicable Bottle Caps: Twist-type caps.
·Applicable Labels: Self-adhesive Labels: Normal labels/Transparent labels.
·-Applicable Products: Honey, cream, peanut butter, hand sanitizer, ointment.
·Applicable Industries: Food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical industries.




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