Working Principle of Automatic Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine is a device specially designed for dispensing or applying labels to various products, containers or packages. It plays an important role in food, beverage, cosmetic, daily chemical, medicine industries.  


Main Working Structure of Labeling Machine

Automatic labeling machines are always equipped with conveyor belt which moves at a consistent speed. Once the products are put onto conveyor belt, they can be separated by a specific mechanical structure, so that the machine can label bottles one by one.


The labeling machine has scroll, labeling structure and driving wheel. The driving wheel can often make label move so as to pull it out of the scroll. At this moment, the labeling wheel would press against the products so that the labels can be attached onto the products. Owing to the interconnection of label strips, the scroll is equipped with a open-loop displacement regulator to keep the tension of label strips.


When the moving speed of labeling wheel and products is the same, it would stick labels on products. As the conveyor belt reaches a certain position, the driving wheel of label strips would speed up to match with the conveying speed. And after it finishes labeling, the driving wheel will slow down till it stops moving.


Sometimes the labels might slightly slide during the labeling process. But it’s no need to worry when using semi-automatic or automatic labeling machines. The semi-automatic or automatic labeling machines would use a sensor to detect labels, which ensures the right positioning of every label. When the label strips decelerate,  the driving wheel would reposition to correct the error position of label strips.


Applications of Labeling Machines


Different Types of Automatic Labeling Machines And Their Applications

From the perspective of label materials, ZONESUN automatic labeling machines can be divided into three types: Sticker labeling machine, shrink sleeve labeling machine and hot melt glue labeling machine. Since every labeling machine is equipped with different labeling structures, they can be applied for different shapes of containers, such as round bottles, square bottles, polygon bottles, soft tubes or flat boxes. ZONESUN can offer custom labeling solutions for your business. Please come and contact us if you have any questions.




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