Multi-lane Stick Pack Machine: An Ideal Choice for High-volume Production

Stick pack machine is one kind of packaging equipment, which is designed for forming stick packs and packing products into stick packs. Stick packs are a type of small packets that are long and narrowed and with both ends sealed. They are usually used for packing liquid, paste, powder or granular products.


Multi-lane stick pack machine is designed for producing disposable packets at medium or high throughput. It is a type of vertical form fill seal machine (VFFS). And different from traditional VFFS machines, stick packing machines can produce multiple small packets within every cycle.


Different Types Of Stick Pack Machine

  • Liquid Stick Pack Machines

A liquid stick pack machines can have multiple filling lanes based on different production demands of customers. When the product is viscous, packers can use weight fillers or piston fillers. When the product is thinner, then they can use volumetric fillers. Liquid stick packing machine might be the most common format of stick pack machines.


Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine for Liquid


  • Granular Stick Pack Machines

Granular stick pack machines usually adopts volumetric cup system, whose capacity can be customized according to your production need. A bulk hopper is designed above the volumetric cups, where the granular products will flow into. The cups will rotate and dispense granular products into stick packs quantitatively. These machines are commonly seen in food industries, which can pack sugar, salt, desiccant, coffee beans.


Multi Lane Granule Sachet Packaging Machine


  • Powder Stick Pack Machine

A powder stick pack machine usually utilizes auger filling system, which can fill powdered products by controlling predetermined number of revolutions. The auger can be customized or changed to dispense different volumes of powder. These machines is suitable for packing coffee powder, instant milk powder, protein powder.


Advantage Of Applying Stick Pack Machines

The main features of stick pack machines are high production efficiency, customizable pack sizes, compact covered area, and efficient usage of packaging materials.

Stick packs are becoming popular formats because of its convenience of shape and usage. They use about 30% packaging materials compared with traditional sachets, which has more environmental and economic benefits. And given the truth that stick packs machines are designed with multiple filling lanes, they can produce more stick packs within a circle. A stick packing machine can produce 600pcs products at max in a minute. What’s more, the machines are made in vertical design and they are integrated with functions of forming, filling, sealing and date printing. This results in  them having a small footprint. ZONESUN offers customized stick pack machines for your business. Come and get stick packing machines to promote your production.


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